The Subaru “Boxer Sports Car Architecture” platform technology previewed at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year will “give birth” to an all-new RWD sports car with its concept “version” being officially presented at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

The new BRZ “embodies ultimate passion for the new sports car and confidence in its distinctive trademark and core technology: The ‘Horizontally-Opposed Subaru Boxer engine’”, as the automaker says.


The Subaru BRZ takes its name from “Boxer engine”, “Rear-wheel drive” and “Zenith” and will be developed with “the help” of Toyota Motor Corporation, being scheduled to hit the production line early next year.

The Boxer Sports Car Architecture was powered by a 2.0 liter naturally-aspired four-cylinder Boxer engine, being 4.200 mm long, 1.770 mm wide and with a height of 1.270 mm, sitting on 214/45R17 tires.

No other official details are currently known about the Subaru badged BRZ Coupe and the automaker will unveil the concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.


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