The final production version of the Subaru BRZ STI will be officially unveiled next spring and the model will get 230 horsepower from its tweaked engine.

A hotter version of the Subaru BRZ was a simple rumor until a few weeks ago but it seems that the model is getting closer and closer to its future customers and it seems that it will be officially presented to the public sometimes next spring. The Subaru BRZ STI, which has nothing in common with the has been recently spotted while being tested.

The most important news related to the Subaru BRZ STI is that the model won’t actually be turbocharged because its engine bay has a limited space and it doesn’t allow the automaker to squeeze in an intercooler so that’s why the total output produced by its naturally aspirated 2.0 liter Boxer engine will stand at 230 horsepower (171 kW) thanks to some variable valve control system tweaks and to the increased rev limit, which now stands beyond 7,500 rpm. The Subaru BRZ STI will get upgraded dampers and springs and the 18-inch alloy wheels will be wrapped in grippier tires. A front lip spoiler, new side skirts, an updated grille and a large wing will be added to its body.

Source: Auto Express


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