Subaru Celebrated Its 6 Millionth Vehicle Sold in the US image

Yesterday, November 27th, Subaru of America announced it has sold its 6 millionth vehicle in the US.

Subaru’s 6 millionth vehicle sold in the US was a 2013 XV Crosstrek, which was given at Subaru of Georgetown in Georgetown, Texas. Earlier this month 4×4 Magazine in the UK named the Subaru XV ‘the SUV of the year’ surpassing rivals such as Kia, VW, Nissan, Mazda and Audi in one of the hardest-fought categories.

“Subaru has a rich heritage in the U.S. and we are excited to celebrate the six million vehicle milestone,” said Thomas J. Doll, executive vice president and COO, Subaru of America, Inc. “Not only have we sold six million vehicles in the U.S., but we are selling them at a faster rate than ever. It took us 16 years to reach our first million, but at our current sales rate we will hit our next million in under three years.”

According to a report published by Just-Auto, Subaru plans to increase production in the US to 300,000 units annually by 2016 from the current 130,000 units. This means that the automaker will increase production at its Indiana factory and maybe build another one, to be able to avoid the high taxes for importing cars from Japan. During the first ten months of this year Subaru managed to surpass its sales record set last year, of 266,989 units, and sales through October saw an increase of 26%.