Subaru claims suppliers were warned to give fair treatment to workers image

Fuji Heavy Industries, the Japanese parent company of carmaker Subaru claims its network of suppliers has been instructed to treat workers fairly and follow the guidelines of “human rights and international standards of behavior.”

The Subaru pledge came after a Reuters investigation last week exposed flaws in plant worker conditions at the automaker and its suppliers in Japan. The report pointed out towards numerous employments of asylum seekers and other cheap forms of foreign labor, with workers coming from Africa and Asia. “Fuji Heavy Industries does not condone the exploitation of any class of worker, either in its own operations or within its supply chain,” commented the brand in a statement coming from the US marketing and sales unit, Subaru of America. “Our supply chain network has been made aware of our policy and expectations,” it added. The workers have repeatedly complained of dire working conditions that went from smaller salaries when compared to Japanese nationals doing the same work to the nonexistent safeguards and abuses stemming from the implication of labor brokers. The latter were found to claim up to a third of their earnings to ensure their positions at Subaru or related suppliers.

Subaru has been on the rise especially in North America, counting on the United States as its largest auto market – where it earned a great reputation. Thanks to the cult-like following, the brand has been reporting record sales on a monthly basis, with the automaker having the issue of keeping up with the delivery growth.

Via Reuters