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Being way ahead of its North American sales goal, Subaru will have to boost supply to keep up with the demand and also plans to increase its sales target for the next year.

Subaru is on high horses in terms of sales targets, as demand for the company’s cars are higher than ever. Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, president of Subaru-maker Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, wanted to reiterate the need for boosting the capacity production at the automaker’s Lafayette plant in the US, beyond the increases already planned for next year. Any additional output expansion will likely happen there, the company’s only plant outside Japan, rather than in Japan or in a new factory somewhere else, such as Mexico, he said. It has been only a couple of weeks from the latest statement from Yoshinaga regarding the matter, saying at that time he foresees record profits and sales in the next three years in the North American auto market. He also said that there are plans to almost double the production capacity in the US starting from mid next year.

Subaru is on the right path to hit another record year in annual profits, and if so it is going to be the eighth straight year of growth and a seventh straight year of record sales. In recent years, tight supply has been the only factor restricting rampant growth. Its CEO predicted that the automaker will reach its North America regional sales target of 600,000 vehicles in 2015, five years ahead of his original schedule. “We have to revise our target a little bit upward,” Yoshinaga told Automotive News. “When we announce the next fiscal full-year results in May, we will announce revised target numbers for the next three fiscal years: 2016, 2017 and 2018.” Subaru is boosting annual capacity at its factory in Lafayette, Indiana, to 394,000 vehicles – from 200,000 now – until the end of next year. The facility in Indiana will also take on the redesigned Impreza compact on its production line.

Via Automotive News

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    The fuel economy was the only thing holding them back before IMO, I hope they don’t raise the prices too much from all this demand