Subaru Named Top Automaker by Consumer Reports Magazine image

Subaru, which is a unit of Fuji Heavy Industries, was named top automaker by Consumer Reports magazine’s annual rankings, while the 2011 leader, Honda Motor, fell on the fourth place.

Subaru gained the first place with 75 points out of 100, given to its seven U.S. models and for building “dependable, all-wheel- drive vehicles with simple interiors,” the magazine said.

“This is great news for Subaru,” said Rebecca Lindland, director of strategic review for IHS Automotive, an industry forecasting firm. “Consumers still trust Consumer Reports and will take these recommendations very seriously.”

On the second place was Mazda Motor with 74 points, followed by Toyota on the third place, as redesigned models scored lower than those they replaced. Ford Motor, on the 5th place in 2011, now occupies the 10th place and GM is ranked 12th. Chrysler is also among top 13, scoring eight points higher than last year, “which is a really good sign for them because it shows that they’re improving,” said Brandy Schaffels, senior editor of, a Santa Monica, California-based auto buying service.

“People consider Consumer Reports to be a very trustworthy source because they don’t accept advertising,” said Schaffels. “Not only that, they are very well known for their methodical testing style.”