Subaru of America planning big “party” for half-century anniversary image

The Japanese automaker will have a huge milestone in 2018 – its American 50 years anniversary – and the plans are to spend big on special edition cars, charity work and other interesting events.

Subaru of America has cooked up a neat plan for its 50th birthday – the official moment for the anniversary is a year away but the automaker has decided to enter the rush early on, with 2017 considered the “year of 50th celebrations,” set to end on the actual anniversary on February 15, 2018. Details are a bit shady as to what exactly Subaru is cooking up for its incredible fan base, but commented in a recent press release it will include an array of special edition models that will be offered in 2018.

There are also “a number of celebratory events” planned and the company will also use 50 cars as donations to benefit a national charity that will be announced. By the way, let’s remember that Subaru’s parent company Fuji Heavy Industries will be ditching its former name in favor of Subaru Corporation in April. The parent company has been around since 1915 when it was involved in the aircraft industry – its automotive division was established back in 1953 and Subaru of America appeared in 1968. Actually, the latter was not part of the company until 1990, the acquisition taking place soon after the first facility was opened in Lafayette, Indiana.