Subaru officially becomes the name image

The Japanese automaker is on the verge of celebrating 50 years of continued business in the United States – where its fortunes continue to rise, along with its popularity.

And finally giving recognition to its automotive division that has long become worldwide famous, parent company Fuji Heavy Industries is officially changing its corporate name to Subaru Corporation, effective after April 1, 2017. Subaru is the most famous brands of the company, but Fuji Heavy Industries is also a maker of aircraft, helicopters, and commercial engines. “This change in company name declares Subaru’s determination to thrive as a brand that delivers value. When customers are satisfied, we see happy faces. We want to encourage even more smiles and create even more Subaru fans,” announced president and CEO Yasuyuki Yoshinaga.

The company is thinking the Subaru name will help it gain even more brand recognition – and also makes sure there is no more confusion when discussing the corporate state of the automaker. The firm first appeared when it was named the Nakajima Aircraft Company and after 1945 it started producing consumer goods instead of planes – becoming Fuji Sangyo. Then a law in Japan in 1950 broke down the business in 12 separate companies – five of them united under the name Fuji Heavy Industries in 1953. Later that decade the company decided to try its power on Japan’s burgeoning auto industry – the company CEO selected Subaru as the name, it’s the Japanese designation for the Pleiades cluster of stars.