Subaru on 1st Place in Consumer Reports’ New Ranking of Best Automakers image

The highest score in Consumer Reports’ latest report is held by Subaru, edging Mazda, Toyota, Honda and other 9 automakers based on road tests and reliability.

Toyota dominated the magazine’s top picks in five of 10 product segments, becoming the first automaker to do so in nearly a decade. Subaru was the one who got the highest score of 75, two points higher than 2011, followed by Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volvo, Hyundai, BMW and Volkswagen.

The first four automakers were separated by a point, so Mazda had 74, Toyota 73 and Honda 72. Chrysler is on the last place with 51 points. Ford was the company which dropped most, from 5th to 10th place, followed by Mercedes-Benz, GM and Chrysler. More than 275 vehicles were tested according to performance, comfort, utility and reliability. Overall scores are based on the average road test scores and reliability ratings of models tested by the magazine.

“While Japanese automakers still hold the top five spots, their lead is shrinking. In some of Honda’s and Toyota’s recently redesigned models, cost-cutting has become more noticeable,” David Champion, senior director of the magazine’s automotive test center, said in a statement.