Subaru on pace to exceed North American sales goal image

Subaru, the company owned by Fuji Heavy Industries said its on pace to hit the targeted mid-term sales at least three years faster than originally forecasted, buoyed by increased demand across the lineup.

The small Japanese automaker is one of the wonders of the US auto market – while the overall industry is climbing with single-digit advances, Subaru constantly jumped deliveries with double-digit margins. With extremely loyal customers, the company has been constantly putting great sales, led by models such as the Forester SUV and Legacy sedan. Now, Fuji Heavy CEO Yasuyuki Yoshinaga announced during an interview in Tokyo that the company expects Subaru to reach an annual sales pace of 600,000 vehicles in the North American region by 2016 or 2017. A new mid-term sales target would most likely be presented around that time.

Fuji Heavy, the parent company of Subaru, is also previewing its third year in a row with record earnings – the weaker yen and great sales in the US managed to counter a slump in demand at home. The previous sales target for the company was to hit annual sales of at least 1.1 million vehicles by March 2021, with North America contributing with 600,000 units to the mix. The weaker yen increases the profits of the company as Subaru produces three out of four cars at home, shipping them to overseas markets, including the US.

Via Automotive News