Subaru Plans to Relocate its Headquarters in a New Philly Area image

Although Subaru of America has expanded its Cherry Hill headquarters, it is not going to move to the West Coast, and join the majority of Asian automakers.

Subaru looks for a location in the area where it is currently based, in Cherry Hill, 9 miles away of Philadelphia. The company envisions a site where its 600 employees can be accommodates and with the possibility to increase. Subaru’s workforce is currently split between two buildings in Cherry Hill.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey try to convince Subaru to move its headquarters in their areas, but authorities in Cherry Hill aims towards the establishment of redevelopment areas, which would help the company cut property tax. Tom Doll, president of Subaru of America, said that having employees in two different places is not ideal for the company.

“We are looking for a new facility that will provide a modern infrastructure for our business needs,” Doll said. “We plan to stay in the area because it is a good place to live and work, and many of our employees have roots here.”

Over the past years Subaru’s sales have soared, and the employees has been adding workers and headquarters at a rapid pace. This year the automaker plans to sell more than 380,000 units in the US, an increase from the record of 336,441 units set last year.

Source: Automotive News