Subaru prepares the BRZ STI Sport for Tokyo image

Suby has been loving the BRZ sports coupe since its inception – there’s proof in the abundance of special versions – and just in time for the Tokyo Motor Show they’re showing their affection once more.

The BRZ STI Sport is a new special version that’s most likely confined to the sea of Japan, on sale after it makes its official worldwide debut later next month during the Tokyo Motor Show. The project bearing the famous Subaru Tecnica International signature is all about “pure handling delight” in a “fun to drive” package that’s imbued with better handling and ride quality compared to the standard BRZ. The Sport doesn’t come with additional power, instead STI delivered model-exclusive suspension tuning and the top body rigidity when discussing any BRZ version.

Subaru prepares the BRZ STI Sport for Tokyo 2

Subaru calls the Sport the flagship specification, and to mark the occasion they also created an exclusive Cool Grey Khaki paint. The BRZ STI Sport is actually readily available for pre-order at home in Japan, but with a catch – it’s not going to be a first come, first served special edition. Instead Subaru is organizing a lottery to randomly select the people getting the chance to snatch the new model. All details are also coming to light later on, following the October 25 premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show.