Subaru recalls WRX and Forester 2.0XT over turbo intake problem image

Subaru will have to recall around 18, 000 units of its WRX and Forester 2.0XT models in the US because their turbos may fail and make the engine stall.

When you have a 2.0-litre turbo engine with 250+ horsepower under the hood, you expect some excitement from it when you rev it up to the red line. What you certainly do not want is the turbo system to fail and leave you powerless. But it may happen in certain 2015 and 2016 model year Subaru Forester 2.0XT and WRX models. The Japanese automaker issued a safety campaign in North America for these vehicles to inspect and possibly replace the turbocharger air intake duct, according to a notice sent to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Subaru said the duct may have been produced with an improper material that was susceptible to cracking, blaming the supplier for the issue. If it fails, the engine may develop a rough idle, cut the power, possibly stall, thus increasing the risk of a crash. The affected models, some 18,200 units, are the 2015-2016 WRX manufactured between April 10, 2015, to October 21, 2015, and Forester 2.0XT build from April 10, 2015, to October 20, 2015. Subaru will notify owners and dealers will inspect the turbocharger air intake duct, and replace it as necessary, free of charge, depending on the lot number found on the duct. The company has not yet provided a notification schedule.