Subaru S208 comes to Tokyo as a flagship WRX STI image

Japan has been graced previously with the introduction of the S207 special edition for the WRX STI and now Subaru is preparing the successor – the S208, just in time for its official worldwide premiere at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Unfortunately, just like the S207 model before it, the new S208 will also be a Land of the Rising Sun only affair, with just 450 examples slotted for production. The new, spicy version of the performance sedan isn’t getting just the usual array of exterior and interior subtle tweaks – with more important changes also in tow. For starters, the roof is being made out of light and durable carbon fiber, to lower the weight and most of all the center of gravity to improve handling. STI was in charge of the suspension modifications, and there are also some mechanical tweaks.

Subaru S208 comes to Tokyo as a flagship WRX STI 1

Subaru will most likely reveal full details on October 25 when the Tokyo Motor Show kicks off but before that we only know the S208 comes with “improved engine output” compared to the S207. The latter was good for 323 horsepower or 13 hp above the recent 2018 WRX STI Type RA, coming from the same 2.5-liter unit, which also gives 318 lb-ft / 431 Nm vs 290 lb-ft / 393 Nm of maximum torque.