Subaru sings Happy Birthday to itself at the Chicago Auto Show image

The Japanese automaker is making sure every attendee of the Chicago Auto Show knows it’s celebrating its 50th anniversary in the country – there’s a special edition for virtually every model in its range on display.

The carmaker has decided that everyone should be included in the celebrations, no matter the model of choice – from the Crosstrek to the WRX STI, each featuring bespoke elements that make it stand out from the regular versions. For starters, all of the special editions share a new Heritage Blue exterior shade, along with custom 50th Anniversary badging. The limited-series models start life as the top trim on each respective vehicle, and also receive unique satin chrome trim and badging accents, along with bespoke alloy wheels.

Subaru sings Happy Birthday to itself at the Chicago Auto Show 7

The exterior design is not the only thing that’s been treated specifically for the 50th anniversary edition, because the cabin is also part of the personalization program. The upholstery is black, contrasted by silver stitching and there are also other touches such as silver seatbelts, as well as 50th Anniversary logos stitched to the front seats and floor mats. Production is naturally limited – fortunately not to 50 examples each: the Crosstrek, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, and Outback will be manufactured in 1,050 units each, and the WRX, STI, and BRZ will see a combined total of 1050 examples. The WRX for example gets a 600 units allocation, the BRZ another 250 and the STI is only getting 200 pieces.