Subaru XV Hybrid arrives in Japan image

The Japanese based automaker Subaru has recently announced the arrival of the XV Hybrid in Japan.

After it was officially unveiled just a few months ago, the brand new Subaru XV Hybrid has recently arrived in Japan. The model is the company’s first every hybrid vehicle and its fuel efficiency has been rated at 20 km / liter. The Subaru XV Hybrid has an “Eco-Cruise Control” function for models with the “EyeSight” driving assist and the fuel economy can be enhanced when the adaptive cruise control with the all-speed range tracking function is operated, as the company says.

The Subaru XV Hybrid is being powered by a 2.0 four-cylinder Boxer engine, helped by an electric motor and a battery pack, a combination which can improve the standard 7.0 L / 100 km fuel efficiency and the 162 g/km emitted. Power is being sent to the wheels through a transmission based on the Lineatronic (Continuously Variable Transmission). The model’s all-wheel drive system can distribute the torque to the four wheels even in electric mode and when driven at low speeds. Fuel efficiency for the 1,540 kg vehicle stands at 19 km per liter.