This year so far the subcompact SUV has played an important role in promoting the growth of overall SUV market.

In August, retail growth of motors was 15%, compared with the SUV segment which increased more than 40%, with the subcompact SUV, represented by the A0-class, rising the most. During the first eight months of the year the A0-class SUV sold 167,880 units, an increase of 20% compared with the same period last month, surpassing the average growth of the niche market.

Analysts believe that sales of the subcompact models will continue to increase thanks to the after-80s young consumer group which needs individualized and diversified models. The subcompact SUVs which have seen the biggest growth are the General Encore, Ford EcoSport and Great Wall M4.

The Ford EcoSport, launched in March has sold 30,359 units, General Encore sold 35,614 units since the beginning of the year and the Great Wall M4 sold 81,025 units, up 378.5%.

According to CPCA Deputy Secretary Cui Dongshu, the subcompact SUV segment will continue to increase thanks to the development of the global market, regarding to emission reduction, energy saving and the age-down consumer group.

“Along with the released consumption potential of three or four tier cities, as well as the increasing purchasing needs of the younger generation, the cake of the future entry-level market is still very big. This is why many automakers have successively laid out market segments,” said Cui Dongshu.



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