Successful first half of 2014 for Porsche image

Porsche has boosted its revenue and profit in the first 6 months of the year as the company released a series of numbers to testify their success.

Deliveries for the first-half of the year rose by 8% to 87, 803 vehicles, revenue went up by 16% to €8.2 billion and the operating profit grew by 8% to €1.4 billion. Also in June, Porsche Cars North America reached a record number of 21,326 employees, with 3,178 more persons working here than the previous year.
Lutz Meschke, Member of the Executive Board Finance and IT at Porsche AG, put emphasis on the efficient organization and the high cost awareness in the company, which is the only way to get a return on sales of 15%. He claimed that the ambitious Porsche investment program which will be implemented in its Strategy 2018 is quite a burden, and that the high expenditure for research and development are adding to that, but the company is still set to achieve at least the same results as in 2013.

Porsche invested over €500 million in a factory in Leipzig for the production of the Macan and about €150 million at the Weissach development center for a new design studio and a high-tech wind tunnel. Total investment at Porsche’s main plant will amount to over €700 million in the years to come, including a new training centre, an engine factory, office and service buildings and a new body assembly line.
CEO Meschke added that their quality strategy has paid results on the international sales markets and that this year, Porsche will increase its sales in China, Germany and U.S. and raise its overall sales figures around the world.

By Gabriela Florea