They say even bad publicity is good publicity, which could be the deal here for Chrysler after their Super Bowl commercial featuring Bob Dylan narrating a patriotic spot for the redesigned 200 sedan spawned a heated debate among fans.

The commercial was run in the third quarter of yesterday’s game, won by the Seattle Seahawks in a demolishing 43-8 score against the Denver Broncos. Immediately, the popular social network Twitter was the debate scene, with people wondering why an Italian company, Chrysler’s now parent Fiat was doing a patriotic ad; whether Dylan sold out and even whether Chrysler diminished the message by hiring a singer who spoke against the Vietnam war.

“He’s someone who has confounded expectations for 50 yrs. Why anyone expects him to embody their squishy idealism is beyond me,” tweeted Seth Mnookin, a Vanity Fair writer who teaches at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“So let Germany brew your beer, let Switzerland make your watch, let Asia assemble your phone,” Dylan says. “We … will build … your car.”

Even though some consumer reactions were negative, according to, which tracks online response, Chrysler’s ad prompted some customers to take a look at the car. Still, while consideration of the Chrysler 200 more than doubled during the ad – other automakers, like Kia (with its beautiful Matrix spoof) and Maserati, enjoyed much bigger customer reactions.

Via Bloomberg


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