Super Bowl 2014: Hyundai doubles its ad power [Video] image

For this year’s Super Bowl, the XLVIII edition, Hyundai kept its aces hidden – that is, until now, when we finally get the chance to see not one, but two 30 second spots for the South Korean automaker.

The first Hyundai Super Bowl commercial is titled “Dad’s Sixth Sense,” and it is the hands down winner of the two, in our personal opinion. The ad is both funny and touching, and it also shows you something unique about the 2015 Hyundai Genesis (that’s the point of a car commercial, by the way!).

“Dad’s Sixth Sense” shows all the ways fathers protect their children over the years, catching them before falls or bicycle accidents, for example. After a montage of such incidents, we find a teenage son learning to drive, and getting some help not rear-ending another car thanks to the Genesis’s auto emergency breaking.

Hyundai Super Bowl spot number two is called “Nice,” and it showcases the 2014 Elantra being driven by actor Johnny Galecki. When an attractive brunette who also happens to be driving a Hyundai Elantra pulls up next to Galecki, he begins a fast-paced flirtation, trying to start a conversation about their mutual vehicles as they race along side-by-side.

The woman rejects each of Galecki’s advances; he remains dogged despite her demure replies and despite sudden random explosions in the roadway before him. Also, for some reason comedian Richard Lewis is sitting in the back seat of Johnny Galecki’s car making his usual snide remarks. This is not a bad commercial or anything, but it’s far from excellent, and anything but memorable.