Super Bowl: Hyundai Releases Two More Commercials image

Hyundai has prepared five ads for this year’s Super Bowl, two of them recently released on YouTube.

The ‘Stuck’ and ‘Excited’ commercials, recently released on Hyundai’s YouTube channel, feature the Sonata Turbo and the 2013 Hyundai Genesis. The ‘Stuck’ commercial features a couple in a Sonata Turbo, driving on the highway. Thanks to the vehicle’s passing-power they manage to avoid driving behind a fat guy on a motorcycle, horse butts, dripping toxic waste, drooling dogs and several other inconvenient the road has to offer.

The second commercial, ‘Excited’, is one of those love-it-or-hate-it ads. It features a Hyundai Genesis zipping about and a shouting narrator which offers race commentaries mixed with slides comparing the aspects of the car with other vehicles, such as the BMW 550i and Porsche Panamera S.

“(An) early release extends the life of the commercial, builds consumer interest, and most importantly brings early customers into our dealers,” said Steve Shannon, vice president of marketing at Hyundai Motor America.

Another Hyundai commercial, titled ‘Don’t Tell’, is already aired on TV and features several individuals engaged in precarious activities while shouting ‘Don’t tell mom!’. The only commercial the public can’t watch before the game is the ‘Epic PlayDate’, which will feature the Sante Fe.