Super material could dramatically increase Tesla cars range image

The highly coveted luxury electric sedan from Tesla – the Model S – boasts an impressive range for the segment – the EPA rates it for no less than 265 miles.

But traveling that distance without the need to top up the batteries – impressive as it may be – pales in comparison to traditionally fueled cars – which can go without a refill as much as 500 miles on a regular basis.

But, according to billionaire entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder Elon Musk, Tesla is getting ready to get its cars – the Model S sedan, the upcoming Model X crossover and the planned Model 3 affordable electric sedan – to the next level of performance.

“It will be possible to have a 500-mile range car. In fact we could do it quite soon, but it would increase the price. Over time you could expect to have that kind of range,” he said during an interview with Auto Express.

But Musk gave no details on how that would be possible. To our aid comes now the Xinhua Chinese news agency, who reports the progress would be possible using the graphene “super material.” Carbon-based, it was first identified in 2003 and is an excellent conductor of heat and energy – making it ideal for battery applications. The so-called super-material is about 200 times stronger than steel – but has essentially a bi-dimensional molecular structure.