Supercar manufacturers usually ignore potential woman customers image

According to business consultants and analysts, supercar manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin could be associated to teenaged high school boys at their first dance – they don’t know how to relate to women.

Since their dawn, performance machines have usually been the “toys of boys”, but in recent years the number of female customers has been on the rise, especially when it comes to emerging markets. For example, Ferrari delivers just 8 percent of its supercars to women in the United States, but in China the mix is way better, at almost a quarter of its clients. Also, manufacturers might want to rethink their strategies to also cater for prospective female owners – the number of wealthy and independent women is on the rise across the globe – so high-performance brands might miss out on a potentially growing market to rivals that can adapt faster to the new trend. In the United States, the biggest market for luxury autos in the world, less than 10 percent of Ferrari and Lamborghini owners are women, but the figure for Porsche – who usually has lower-priced performance-driven models has seen the number up to almost 25 percent, says industry forecaster IHS Automotive.

China, the world’s largest market and the second biggest in terms of premium autos, Porsche has 40 percent of its clients women – the German automaker has as a brand ambassador tennis star Maria Sharapova. The brand also increased its number of sport utility vehicles last year, a category highly popular for the female audience. Some of the supercar makers have been content to keep their audience mix, in order to keep their supercar credo as pure as possible, especially since numerous studies say that women mostly choose cars that are smaller, affordable and fuel-efficient – not really the DNA of a heart-stopping performance model.

Via Automotive News Europe