Supercars apparently hurt Real Madrid Star Gareth Bale’s precious hinny image

You might believe form the flourish of superstars all around the world that supercars are as common as – let’s say VW’s emissions cheating. Well, not necessarily – you can always rent the supercar for a while and thus eschew the trouble of owning such diamonds in the rough.

This is the case with 26-year-old Gareth Bale, currently one of the jewels in the star studded lineup of Spanish football (soccer for American fans) club Real Madrid. He is fond of Lamborghini supercars and since July he was renting them from an exclusive dealer when he was home in the United Kingdom. Understandable – he goes all around the world so there’s no practical sense in owning a vehicle when you’re mostly using an airplane. But even the renting apparently had to stop – due to physical consequences, as it has been revealed. According to a report in British newspaper The Mirror, it was not the fact that he was paying about 30,000 ($45,000 at the current exchange rate) British pounds per year to occasionally drive the supercars when back in his home country. Instead the supercars were hurting his posterior.

It sounds like a joke but in earnest a footballer’s career may be over if any of the tendons or muscles in the posterior are hurt – it’s like Angelina Jolie or Taylor Swift having trouble with the lips or legs, respectively. So, the sources quoted by the British journal say that Bale has decided to terminate his membership with the Auto Vivendi Super Car Club, even though the Aventador and Huracan don’t look so menacing on the inside as they do on the outside.

Via The Mirror