Supercars meet superheroes in quirky but enticing digital artist renderings image

The Hollywood has been taken by storm by superheroes – which have successfully transitioned from being fan favorites in comics to fully fledged big screen heroes.

Unless you lived in a cave the past decade or so, you know the silver screen (both big and recently the small one too) has been taken by storm by the myriad of superheroes that comics have created in decades of existence. But how about real life dwellings – for example these heroic types would need a ride when trying to look inconspicuous (err, we know the livery will be very revealing). For example, Superman – called by many the most powerful superhero ever – has been treated to an all new Bugatti Chiron that uses the well known blue, red and yellow hues. One of Earth’s own righteous heroes and possibly one that is just as powerful as the Kryptonian is Wonder Woman, which has been treated to an all-wheel-drive Lamborghini Huracan with wraps that mimic her well known costume. We might be okay with the choices for Supes and Diana Prince but the one for Batman is underwhelming to say the least. We’re going to skip it.

Moving on to the Marvel roster we find the First Avenger – Captain America – at the wheel of a US-built model, the well known Ford Mustang. And because we’re talking about Cap the ride choice is actually the beastly GT350R which has been treated to a 526-hp V8. The Hulk – another fan favorite – has been treated to something both big and mean, and the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 really is the natural choice here. There are other superhero rides that we invite you to identify but we have to give the kudos to the design of the Deadpool vehicle. It’s just as crazy as the superhero and we like the choices – starting with the Ford Mondeo (not the Fusion, as is known in the US) and rounding up with the rear bumper jokes.