Supplier says GM is ready to produce Android cars in 2016 image

You certainly heard about Google’s Android operating system – it’s used in more than one billion mobile devices, from smartphones and tablets to intelligent wristwatches. The last frontier of its evolution? Cars.

According to supplier Harman International, General Motors has decided to use it as the underlay for a next-generation infotainment system. Back in 2012, the supplier won a $900 million contract to build an Android-based system that would be introduced in GM models in late 2016, said Harman CEO Dinesh Paliwal. So far, we don’t know yet how many brands and models would adopt the new infotainment system, knowing that GM’s product lineup currently uses several operating systems.

The Stamford, Connecticut-based Harman, is an active member of the Google-led Open Automotive Alliance, which presented the Android Auto system recently and the firm is currently working close with the technology company to be sure that the Android system is “automotive-grade ready.”

According to Paliwal, the next-generation infotainment solution coming from Harman has been designed to accept an app store, allowing it to stay relevant across the model’s life cycle. He added that applications for the system would be developed by General Motors, Harman and other interested third parties, not just Google. Harman’s new operating system would see GM vehicles adopt it first, than rival automakers could embrace it “one life cycle behind.”

Via Automotive News