The German supplier ZF Friedrichshafen AG moved to purchase y TRW Automotive Holdings in September for $13.5 billion as it seeks to consolidate its businesses and expand more into the field of driver-assist safety systems.

The parts maker said that its internal forecast puts the sales of such technologies up 15 to 25% each year from now on as the revolution of automated driving and vehicle communication approaches. The driver-assistance safety technologies are expected to make up a big chunk of the future self-driving cars, and ZF chief executive officer Stefan Sommer says the technologies would make up a “major” chunk of the combined company’s $2.1 billion research and development spending. “I expect it will be the strongest growth technology in the total product portfolio,” said Sommer. “It will be the major part of future development technology.” When it comes to driver-assist systems, dynamic-control technologies and advanced safety systems, Sommer points out that the two companies together would be on par with the current leaders – Bosch and Continental.

The merger between ZF and TRW is expected to conclude somewhere in the second quarter of 2015, allowing the two suppliers to pull together their expertise in hardware (ZF is great at transmissions and chassis systems) and software-driven active- and passive-safety and steering systems (TRW).

Via Automotive News Europe


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