According to a new research conducted by a division of Deutsche Borse, the auto-acquisition sentiment among Chinese consumers ranks high Volkswagen, followed by BMW and Buick.

The German automaker is the largest foreign auto company in terms of Chinese sales, which means the survey’s result is not entirely a surprise – though the second placed BMW could be called an underdog. Not in actual sales terms – its got very healthy numbers – but in purchase views, since the best selling luxury foreign brand in the country is actually VW AG’s Audi and not the Munich-based automaker. The MNI Indicators’ survey results showed that Volkswagen would be the brand to go for at least 20 percent of the interviewed consumers, with the research unit seeking the opinion of around 1,000 Chinese people in 30 cities. Interestingly enough, the MNI’s data is actually contrasting with another recent survey – backed by the Chinese government itself – where the poll had South Korea’s Hyundai the top pick, followed by Volkswagen and Buick as the top three mass-market auto brands in China. According to the latest survey, the primary choices when selecting a vehicle revolve around the price and safety.

China, the world’s biggest auto market and the second largest economy has been forecasted to slow down a bit in growth across the auto industry this year, as the country’s economy is expected to post the lowest increase rate since 1990. But the first three months of the year painted an optimistic picture, with sales surging – especially across the sport utility segment. Here, the local Chinese brands – which had been loosing market share for years to the foreign competitors – are making inroads, an issue that Volkswagen might feel the most, since it currently lacks an entry-level, affordable crossover.

Via Automotive News Europe



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