Survey shows although sales lag, Americans like EVs image

According to a new survey, although they may not be ready to buy one, but Americans, on the whole have a positive view of electric vehicles.

The survey, conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists, found that 65% of the American motorists it polled think electric vehicles are an essential part of our nation’s transportation future for reducing oil use and global warming, with 60% saying they would consider owning one themselves.

According to the Union, which has long advocated for the wider use of EVs, more than 45 million Americans could use a battery-based vehicle without much change in their driving habits.

“Drivers may have preconceptions about whether electric vehicles can meet their driving needs and habits, and this survey shows that for many, they can,” said Josh Goldman, policy analyst for the UCS Clean Vehicles Program.

While plug-in hybrids have similar driving range to gasoline-only vehicles, the current, limited range of pure battery-electric vehicles, or BEVs, can still meet many drivers’ needs, Goldman said. The survey found that almost 70% of motorists drive less than 60 miles on a weekday, which is within the range of almost every BEV on the market today.

Tens of thousands of battery electric vehicles have been sold in the U.S., primarily in California. But the vast majority of American motorists remain skeptical about the technology and manufacturers have been reluctant to step up production to fill the tiny, though growing, market niche.