Survey: What cars would you buy if you had 100m? image

Every petrol-head has a dream, since he was a child, involving what else but cars. And when you grow up this dream becomes even more stuck in your mind and everywhere you go, besides hot girls, you notice all the hot cars. is asking you a question: What cars would you buy if you had a 100 million euro budget?

And since we asked we might as well answer. Or at least I might as well be the first one who answers.

Luxury segment: Rolls Royce Phantom for weekends and Audi S8 for the rest of the week
Premium sedan: Mercedes E-Class AMG
Daily car: Audi RS6 kombi
Hot hatch: Ford Focus RS
Winter car: Hummer H1
Other must-have cars: McLaren F1, Camaro SS, 1968 Mustang, Lancia Delta Integrale (rally car), Porsche GT3 RS, Audi R8 Cabrio, Pagani Zonda R

This is all I can think about right now and if I forgot a segment or something feel free to offend me. What would you buy if you had it all?