Suspended NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield called in to confront NASCAR CEO Brian France on a radio show Tuesday night.

Mayfield, who spent more than three years fighting a NASCAR-imposed suspension after he tested positive for metamphetamines, placed a surprising call to Motor Racing Network’s NASCAR Live show hosted by Eli Gold to confront France who was in the studio.

“I thought I would just call in and see how you guys were doing, Brian, Eli. Haven’t been around much to talk to you guys lately, and just wanted to ask Brian if he’s willing to accept the fact I’d like to come back racing and if we could sit down and talk about it and figure out what we need to do to make that work,” Mayfield said on the phone.

Brian France kept his calm and answered: “Well, Jeremy, you know the path back for you — it’s the path back for anybody. I’ve always hoped you would choose the right path and not litigation and a bunch of other things, but that’s up to you and you have a welcome mat out anytime you want.” The entire conversation can be listened here.

Unlike Allmendinger, who completed NASCAR’s “Road to Recovery” program after testing positive for banned substances, Mayfield denied his drug use and sued NASCAR until he ran out of money. He was later charged with felonies in two North Carolina counties for possession of stolen goods and larceny.

Via USA Today


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