Suzuki becomes the e-Survivor in time for the Tokyo Motor Show image

We’re still quite far away from the October 25 opening press day for the Tokyo Motor Show, but there’s already an influx of novelties about the event, mostly coming from the Japanese automakers.

Suzuki is quick to join the party with a quirky – yet sensible – electric take on the future of small SUVs, a house specialty. The odd e-Survivor concept looks like the Jimny from the future, complete with Vitara influences. Of course, the future is entirely electric, so the company has opted to use four in-wheel electric motors – meaning the off-road chops are also secured. With a rather unusual body, almost no overhangs front and back, as well as stripped out wheel arches, we can imagine if the e-Survivor would be in production it could tackle almost any type of terrain. The concept is a two-seater, lacks a roof and comes with electrically retractable running boards – the front directly references the Jimny, but with a modern take, namely circular LED headlights and an illuminated five-slot grille.

Suzuki becomes the e-Survivor in time for the Tokyo Motor Show 5

The interior might just be even more interesting than the exterior – there’s a huge full-width head-up display projected onto the windshield (do we sense the full detail disclosure will also include the word autonomous?!), and a screen even compliments the flat-bottomed steering wheel. The center console is also home to a massive display – this time taking the shape of a sphere that offers information in a 3D layout. Another display is for the passenger, and there are even small screens built into the seats – which also get built-in speakers and air conditioning ducts.