Suzuki planning Nissan Juke rival image

The Japanese based automaker Suzuki is planning to develop a direct rival for the Nissan Juke.

While Nissan is releasing models like the Juke Nismo or the very expensive Juke-R, its competition is slightly arriving on the market with models like Peugeot’s 2008, Opel’s Mokka, Ford’s EcoSport and some other models. The newcomer to the B-segment for crossovers might be Suzuki, whose plans are including producing such a vehicle. The announcement hasn’t been made officially but sources are saying that the new Suzuki small crossover is a reality and it will hit the production line very soon.

The new Suzuki model will ride on a shortened version of the platform used on the S-Cross and it will receive a bolder design. The engine options will most likely be carried over from the S-Cross, so the 1.6 liter gasoline version and the diesels will power the vehicle. Unlike Renault’s Captur, Suzuki is expected to offer a four-wheel drive version of the model. The new Suzuki crossover will be produced at the company’s plant in Hungary. Additional details on it remain unknown for the moment.

Source: Autocar