Suzuki Regina, Q and Swift EV Hybrid Concepts revealed ahead of Tokyo image

The Japanese based automaker Suzuki has decided to reveal three new concepts ahead of the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, which will officially open its gates in December, named the Regina, Q and Swift, with the engineers’ favorite words being “low emissions” and “low fuel consumption”.

“In line with Suzuki’s unparalleled expertise in small cars, the theme of Suzuki’s booth will be ‘small cars for a big future’. Suzuki cars for today, the near future, and the more distant future will highlight the fuel economy, user-friendliness, innovation, brisk performance, and exciting styling that are possible within smaller dimensions – and the huge possibilities that small cars will realize in years to come”, as the Japanese based automaker says in the official press release.


According to Suzuki, the Regina Concept is powered by an undisclosed engine which enables the vehicle to have an average fuel consumption of just 3.1 liters every 100 km (90.3 mpg UK / 75.2 mpg US), while emitting 70 g/km of CO, with a total weight of 730 kg (1.609 lbs).


Next comes the Q Concept which apparently is “copying” Nissan’s Pivo Concept and its design has been made in such a way that the car-like convenience is blended with motorcycle maneuverability, with the Japanese manufacturer saying that the vehicle is ideal for 10 km journeys because it’s using an electric powertrain.


Last but not least comes the Swift EV Hybrid which can travel for up to 30 km on electricity alone, which is “translated” into 18.6 miles, but when the battery is depleted, the engine acts just like a generator, extending the vehicle’s range.