Suzuki unveils first images of the middle-class motorcycle image

According to the first details released by Suzuki, we are here presenting you a killer looking picture of a motorcycle. The Japanese maker has unveiled its first teaser images and it is being referred to as the ‘Middle-Class New Motorcycle.’

As of now, we don’t have the complete details about this monstrous looking motorcycle, but rumors do suggest that this new bike will make its debut at the Milan’s EICMA show in the month of November.

Since, it seems something unique, Suzuki cannot simply hide its secrets for longer time and so promised to come up with more details to us on June 11.

Suzuki till now has just revealed its impressive sketch in views that bike lovers are surely gonna enjoy it. Though Suzuki has hold back the details to get it uncovered later this month, but the recent rumors say that the teaser images are actually a glance of the next generation V-Storm.

According to the first teasers, it was the “Time For Real Adventures”. Therefore, this image might points towards an off-road version of none other than the V-Storm. Well, whatever it is, all we can do right now is to wait until Suzuki reveals some hardcore details about this vague and interesting Middle-Class New Motorcycle.

The teaser images, no doubt, look promising and at least for now the bike informs us that it will receive tall windscreen, electronically adjustable windscreen, cat-eye headlamp, tall handlebars, single rear exhaust, passenger grab-handles on the sides, and a shroud for the muffler.

By Sunita Mandal