Suzuki will skip L.A. and Detroit shows image

Seems that due to marketing budget constraints, the American division of Suzuki will not take part at Los Angeles Auto Show next month and either at the January Auto Show from Detroit, although it previously confirmed its participation. The last appearance at the Detroit show is dated back in 2008.

According to Suzuki’s spokesman Jeff Holland, the company stated: “We’ve got more of a conservative approach going forward. (…) For the upcoming season, our brand will selectively participate at auto shows where our distinctive and engaging story will resonate the most.”

This comes on the grounds that Suzuki’s sales in U.S. are not very successful. In California, the brand sold only 430 vehicles in the first nine months of this year. On overall, until October 2011, sales sunk to 23,994 vehicles from 100,000 vehicles in 2007.

Since Suzuki is retreating from Detroit and Los Angeles, still two important locations on the U.S. car map, the big question is how long the Japanese carmaker will have the economic strength to concentrate on the rest of the United States.

One of the rumors is that Suzuki is pulling out from the Detroit Show due to the fact that the ageing location Cobo Hall is not offering the required space for the Japanese automaker. Authorities are exploring the possibility of moving the show to Chicago, somewhere in the future.