Suzuki Xbee Concepts look ready or the crowded streets of Tokyo image

We all know Suzuki has made a name for itself in the ultra-compact part of the market – and the brand’s new Xbee concepts come to cement that image just in time for their premiere at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

The Japanese company has already wowed us with the quirky but adorable e-Survivor concept, so we’re going to give them the benefit of not commenting on the design of the Xbee (pronounced “cross bee”) concepts that seek to assert themselves as urban-ready crossovers. The Xbee comes in standard, Outdoor Adventure, and Street Adventure configurations for the Japanese show set to start on October 25 with the first press day. Suzuki naturally envisioned the Xbee as a vehicle perfect for crowded cities, where it would navigate the urban jungle with ease thanks to its compact dimensions and maneuverability – but it’s also capable of escaping into the open areas with the “rough-road drivability and functionality of an SUV.”

Suzuki Xbee Concepts look ready or the crowded streets of Tokyo 1

The standard version is a cutesy, boxy crossover with two-tone paint, a retro vibe from the satin-finished silver bumper and square fenders to increase the ruggedness. The Xbee Outdoor Adventure, meanwhile is among the first vehicles in recent years that offers fake wood paneling along the side, for even more vintage flavored mobility. Go for the Xbee Street Adventure version and the fake wood is ditched in favor of a touch of color – the predominantly black body is contrasted with yellow paint on the lower front end, wheels and side profile.