Sweden: Scania’s hometown mayor worried about VW bid image

Soedertaelje, a town around 20 miles southwest of Stockholm, mayored by Boel Godner is the hometown of Scania and also the location of more-than 9,000 workers. So, no wonder the VW take over bid has raised some questions.

According to the mayor of the small town, the truck maker is the biggest private employer, so she follows closely on any changes at Scania – and the bid to have VW as Scania’s only shareholder worries her. Not the bid itself actually, but the ability to hold on to the 9,000 strong workforce.

“Every event involving Scania creates worries until we know what kind of changes they may lead to,” Godner told Bloomberg. “I follow everything involving Scania intensively.” “Scania is of enormous importance to Soedertaelje and for the Swedish export industry,” Godner added. “Everyone in Soedertaelje has a relation to Scania.”

The mayor said that following the announcement; she had conversations with some of the Scania executives to discuss VW’s future plans with the company, but declined to actually give any inside information.

The mayor’s job concern is well placed, as Scania’s competitor Volvo AB – also a Swedish company and the world’s second-largest truck maker, announced earlier this month it decided to further cut 4,400 jobs to meet with its money saving goals.

Via Bloomberg