According to the website of Dutch-language Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws, the driver of the coach which crashed into a tunnel wall in Switzerland killing 22 children and six adults was trying to put a DVD film on seconds before impact.

According to the report, even a temporary lapse in concentration while performing this task could have been enough to lose control of the bus, which crashed violently.

Most of the dead were Belgian and Dutch school children returning home from a ski trip. The coach ploughed into a motorway tunnel wall in the Swiss canton of Valais.

The two drivers Paul van de Velde, 52, and Geert Michiels, 35, were both killed instantly. Doctors are conducting post mortem examinations on their bodies to see if one of them had a stroke or a heart attack.

Accident investigators had previously suggested that the driver may have suffered a heart attack.
It came as Alain Rittemer, chief of emergency services in the Canton of Valais, said it took rescuers a full two hours to work their way through the “apocalypse” of mangled wreckage.

A Swiss police official, Renato Kalbermatten, told the newspaper this was speculation, saying there was no confirmation available via the crash tunnel’s closed-circuit cameras.

Swiss daily Aargauer Zeitung reported the same claims.


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