Switzer Performance has recently announced that its latest creation, the so-called R1K-X GT-R has just set a new quarter mile record after running down the strip in just 9.42 seconds.

After talking about the Switzer Performance R1K-X GT-R and its impressive performance, the model is being placed into the spotlights once again, this time with the company announcing a new quarter mile record. According to Switzer Performance, the R1K-X GT-R has managed to set a new quarter mile record on the Milan Dragway, where the model has managed to run down the strip in just 9.42 seconds at a speed of 153.30 mph (246.71 km/1).

A seconds R1K-X GT-R has managed to completed the quarter mile in an impressive 8.99 seconds, reaching a top speed of 165.54 mph (266.41 km/h), a new record for the gas powered GT-R. The Switzer Performance R1K-X GT-R is powered by the upgraded VR38 engine, which is now getting a MONSTER intercooler, reinforced pistons and new camps, along with an SS90 exhaust system, an upgraded cooling system and Syvecs ECU. The total output of the model now stands at 1,250 HP (932 kW).


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