Sync software, prepare to be updated image

In an effort to streamline infotainment systems and improve customer satisfaction, Ford will soon release an updated version of its Sync voice recognition and MyFord Touch software systems.

Just like smartphones have evolved a lot in a few years time, so are the new infotainment systems onboard our cars, which means an important part of the experience comes from getting the latest and greatest without changing the car. Here comes software update on the field, and global manufacturer Ford knows these little things will go a long way in keeping its customers happy. And it also helps them eliminate bugs and problems.

So, a free update of the two systems should be available by next week for all Ford and Lincoln customers via Internet download. It will allow customers to more quickly pair a smartphone with both systems, will simplify some voice recognition commands and will make touchscreen buttons easier to press. The update will also allow for more streamlined voice commands that skip many of the laborious commands of past software versions.

Ford’s software upgrades are the latest in a series of fixes to the company’s tech systems, as reviewers have panned MyFord Touch since its debut and frustrated users caused Ford’s quality rankings to suffer. Despite all that, Ford says nearly 80% of U.S. buyers opt for Ford models with Sync or MyFord Touch.