Taiwan yesterday announced its launch of an electric car industry research consortium to harness the island’s strengths in the IT industry to capture a 3% share of the global electric vehicle market, Taipei Times reported.

Major auto markets in the world have been working to boost the development of electric cars. The U.S. has plans for 1 million electric cars by 2015, mainland China plans to test electric cars in 10 big cities, and Japan is also taking measures to promote electric cars, said Wu Ming-ji, director-general of the Department of Industrial Technology.

“Although Taiwan currently only offers subsidies for electric motorcycles, the government will also establish policies and measures to promote electric cars in the future,” Wu said. “Electric cars are not a dream, but will soon become a reality.”

Taiwan has a 3% market share in the global IT industry, and if it can perform like that in the world’s electric car market, Taiwan will see the annual output value of its electric car industry reach NT$2 trillion (US$61.2 billion), according to a local auto-making association official.

Taiwan’s auto industry is urged to combine with the IT and electronics industries for the island to play an important role in the global electric car market.

Earlier this month, Taiwan decided to open up its auto sector and part of its flagship technology industry to investments from mainland China, as both sides forge closer trade ties to spur their economies.


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