Takata still has no idea why airbag inflators can rupture image

The Japanese auto safety parts maker has acknowledged yesterday it’s still unclear what is the root cause for the airbag explosions that have forced ten automakers to recall millions of vehicles worldwide since 2008.

Takata Corp has produced the airbags supplied to Honda – its No. 1 client and the automaker that built all the vehicles tied to the so-far reported five fatalities – and nine other carmakers. The airbags’ inflators can explode with too much force when an accident occurs, sending metal shards flying inside the cabin at high velocity. The supplier acknowledged it still doesn’t understand why the defect occurs but also insisted that calls from the US safety regulator NHTSA and other legislators for nationwide recalls of what have been so far regional campaigns are actually misguided.

“Congressman, we don’t identify the root cause yet,” testified in front of a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee Hiroshi Shimizu, a Takata safety executive. “But we are of the strong opinion that (there) is a factor contributing to this defect: which is high humidity, temperature and the life of the product.”

The company has been asked by the US authorities to expand to a nationwide level the recall over the driver-side airbag, but Takata continues its dismal approach to the issue and claims data collected so far does not support the new move and further on it could actually divert much-needed replacement parts form the areas in distress.

Via Reuters

  • Paulie Abque

    So have they figured it out yet? I’m surprised this is the only article that has mentioned that Takata has no idea what the problem is. The recall states that a new airbag must be installed. Are the replacement airbags also made by Takata? So, what was the problem? Why do I have this feeling that all they are going to do is put in the same, but brand new airbag??