Auto safety parts suppliers such as Autoliv, Daicel and ZF TRW Automotive will be producing by next year no less than 68 percent of the replacement kits used to repair defective Takata airbag inflators.

Japan’s Takata has been engulfed in an automotive safety crisis since 2008 after millions of vehicles worldwide manufactured by eleven automakers have been traced to have been equipped with flawed airbags. Takata’s defective inflators have been implicated in a record vehicle safety campaign in the United States. The Japanese supplier has now told US auto regulators that so far its three main competitors have been responsible for around 50 percent of the replacement inflators through June, with the disclosure part of the replies from automakers and suppliers on questions about the progress of the safety campaigns coming from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to Autoliv estimates, the company will be responsible for up to 20 million replacement inflators this year and the next.

TRW Automotive, which is subject to one of the largest supplier moves earlier this year when it was purchased by Germany’s ZF Friedrichhafen, also forecast it would deliver 10 to 15 million replacement kits annually thanks to increased spare capacity. At least 40 million vehicles around the globe have been recalled because they are equipped with Takata’s potentially flawed airbag inflators that can explode with too much force, rupture and send metal debris flying inside the cabin at high velocity. The defect has been tied to eight deaths and at least 130 injuries so far.

Via Automotive News Europe


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