Take a closer look at the colorful BMW i8s created using the Individual catalog image

BMW Abu Dhabi Motors is one of those dealers that at the end of the year gets the award for… well attracting attention and gaining widespread recognition. Case in point – these rainbow-looking i8s packing the shades from the Individual catalog.

The six models from the i8 range got everyone’s attention because they were painted Lava Red, Austin Yellow, Lava Green, Twilight Purple, Lava Orange, and Lava Yellow. Additionally, besides the great looking hues, they also have the necessary kit to warrant your attention. All of them pack a wide array of carbon fiber parts – including a rear wing from AC Schnitzer. “Abu Dhabi is a knowledgeable market where taste and demands are advanced. We understand the passions and expectations of our customers – they want to make a strong statement with their car and stand out from the crowd. We therefore place extra importance on staying ahead of trends and creating new ideas for models, materials and color options,” confirmed Arno Husselmann, the Arno Husselmann.


Already a few years old, the i8 has a roadster version coming in 2018 and so far has gained some spaceship-worthy special editions, such as the Protonic Red Edition and the more recent Protonic Dark Silver Edition showcased during the Paris Motor Show last month. The green side of the stable at BMW even had in this latter iteration its own special edition e-bike, which is an additional €3,500 to the price of the car.

Via BMW Abu Dhabi Motors