Take a closer look at the world’s largest single auto plant image

Hyundai’s Ulsan facility in South Korea is truly a car making “machine” and the guys from Autoexpress had the privilege to take a tour of the massive site.

South Korea’s largest automaker, and the world’s fifth-biggest automaker, is the proud owner of the biggest auto site in the world and Autoexpress magazine has taken a long tour of the 5, 000,000 square meter stretching of automotive land. Hyundai’s Ulsan facility includes five independent manufacturing plants, engine and transmission plant, and managed to build last year over 1.5 million vehicles. Such a massive technological area needs appropriate workforce, with no less than 34,000 employees are keeping the “city” alive.

The plant has its own shipyard as well – evidently the biggest in the world, and is run by Hyundai Heavy Industries. With so many cars rolling out from its production lines, Hyundai has integrated a test drive and crash test sites to make sure its cars are properly put together.

Despite such an impressive achievement, the automaker is not on a positive profit trend. Hyundai’s annual earnings report showed eight consecutive quarters of falling incomes and its lowest annual profit in five years in 2015, mainly because of weak cross currencies, increased promotional activities due to heightened competition amongst automakers and profit decline from non-auto businesses.

Hyundai forecasts that this unfavorable business environment is likely to continue in 2016, with emerging countries, including China – its biggest market by volume sales –, to continue posting slower growths.

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Photo from www.autowereld.com