Take a look at New York’s rain deluge and its impact on motorists image

On Wednesday, massive rainfalls hit the New York area and other parts, even disrupting production of cars at the plants operated by the Detroit three.

Fortunately the torrent has not lasted for days and the life in the areas affected quickly returned to normal. Production in the factories of GM, Ford and Chrysler resumed and everyone that was stranded during the flood had a good story to tell at home.

The rainfall was record setting – in almost 24 hours there were 13.27 inches of rain, smashing Long Island’s previous record of 11.6 inches, set in 2011. The ensuing storm, which caused trees to fall, families to evacuate homes and motorists abandon their cars on the flooded highways and streets, has also been blamed for a man’s death. He was driving his Jeep Liberty on the Long Island Expressway when he lost control and crashed into the guardrail and a tanker truck.

“It’s been a little crazy,” said Robert Cabano, the first assistant fire chief in North Babylon. “What could’ve been a tragic situation ended up being a very lucky day for a lot of people.”

The water’s force was on occasions so massive that vehicles which weighed at least 4,000 pounds (1,800 kg) were lifted and began floating away like the smallest driftwood. Just to make an idea of the shortcomings motorists had to face, here’s a set o photos depicting the outcome.

Photo belongs to Getty Images/Andrew Theodorakis