Tamara Ecclestone arrived in Los Angeles with a new “friend” image

Tamara Ecclestone has arrived this morning in Los Angeles to visit her sister – with a male friend in tow.

Upon her arrival she tweeted: ‘So happy to be visiting my sister in LA’ followed by ‘Family is the most important thing’.

Tamara was left devastated last week when it emerged her boyfriend of two years, Omar Khyami, 38, had cheated on her with another woman.

In a sordid sex tape sent to the offices of her father, Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, Omar was seen engaging in an intimate act with someone else.
Despite Omar’s objections, it has now been confirmed that the video was made when Omar and Tamara were together.

Tamara, who stands to inherit a £2.7billion fortune, said: “He seemed to have no interest in me sexually in the last year. There were times I would think, ‘What can I do? I’ve got to go on a diet. I need to lose weight’.

“That was the only problem in our relationship, that he seemed to have no interest in me in that way. It made me feel not good enough, made me want to get to the gym. I felt like he didn’t want me.”

Tamara and Omar were reported to be planning to move into a 55-room, £45million mansion in swish Kensington, West London.

A source close to Bernie, 81, and Tamara’s mum Slavica, told The Sun that the Formula One boss was extremely upset at their beloved daughter’s heartbreak.