Tamara Ecclestone’s Lamborghini Aventador disappears image

The Lamborghini Aventador owned by the daughter of F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone, Tamara, has recently gone missing.

Tamara Ecclestone has bought the 300,000 GBP Lamborghini Aventador back in 2011, while she was in a relationship with Omar Khyami, but after things went a little berserk after the two of them separated. The Italian supercar has been registered to Tamara Ecclestone’s address, who even tried to sell it after the split, but an outstanding debt was taken on the vehicle and this means that the daughter of F1 Supremo had to pay the debts before selling the vehicle.

Khyami claims ownership of the car and this will be taken to court, this year. But just a few days ago, while it was being serviced in the HR Owne garage in West London, the black Lamborghini Aventador has went missing. The original seller of the car, Ziad Shawadi, is rumored to have taken the supercar back in order to sell it. You draw the conclusion of what happened here because this is a soap opera with one of the most interesting supercars ever made.

Source: Daily Mail