Tampa Bay has seen many of the evolution and changes but May 13 is going to create a history for the city.

The most popular and appraised Plug-in Hybrid cars are all set to launch on Thursday at 320 East Fletcher Ave. There is a grand celebration cum reception at the place for the invited guests along with the press media.
The Fisker Karma is the first ever Hybrid Plug in luxurious Sedan from the company and was launched in 14 January 2008. This car is full of stunning features and functions. This lavish luxury is powered by Quantum Technologies Q drive Technology. This is a series hybrid system which is offering innovative petrol/electric engine option to the car. The biggest advantage of this Hybrid car engine is that it can even be fitted to any of the solar paneled roof to get charged. The company is having the pleasure and prestige of offering the worlds first ever Plug-in Hybrid convertible cars with a folding hardtop. This model was introduced in North American International Auto Show.

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This amazing and world class model of car will become the pride of Tampa. The zero tailpipe emission is one of the most attractive features of the cars. The car can produce massive volume of 403 hp which can offer strength of achieving speed of 60 mph in just six seconds. The highest speed offering of this car is 125 mph. The color range and model uniqueness is quite amazing in this car and so is the price range. This record holder plug-in car has received amazing response and is one of the most appraised models that have made Fisker Karma Automotive Company more strength full.

At the time of launching, the company decided to launch the cars in 43 different cities of America with grand celebration and Tampa is one of the 43 prestigious cities. Due to these celebrations the company has already earned order of 1,600 vehicles. The deliveries of these cars will get started in the first quarter of 2011. The car users in Tampa are increasing in larger numbers and so are the luxury car seekers. These increasing numbers are attracting and pulling the luxurious car manufacturers and also the leading names of automotive sectors to Tampa Bay. This celebration is definitely going to make the Tampa car lovers a new era of driving and the pride of driving Plug-in Hybrid cars that are not only Tampa friendly but also Eco friendly.
Let’s wait and have the review of this car after the launching celebration on Thursday.


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